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As an Eagle Scout, the father of four Eagle Scouts, and a former scoutmaster of a troop that produced 59 Eagle Scouts I am well aware of the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”. That is a motto that I now encourage all of my fellow American patriots to adopt. My fear is that after the historic victory las…

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I am sure that the management of UPS is celebrating and waiting for congratulations to pour in praising their move to punish a bunch of kids in the name of political correctness. With great fanfare the company has announced that it is withdrawing its financial support for the Boy Scouts of America, an institution that for over 100 years has taught young men to be self reliant, patriotic, to help others, and to foster the virtues of honesty, selflessness, and morality. Now UPS has said how dare they?


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            I have no idea who first came up with the term Obamabots to refer to those mindless progressives in the news media and the general population who come to the defense of Barack Hussein Obama whenever anyone on the right or even the left has the audacity to question his actions. I just know term is totally accurate and reflects the efforts of the left in this country to silence everyone they disagree with.


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               In my last article, “The State of the Constitution” I talked about how President Obama and his supporters in Congress and the federal judiciary are systematically destroying the delicate balance of powers that was set up by our founding fathers.

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           Obviously, this blog is dedicated to defending the Constitution of the United States of America. It is something that I have been trying to do, in one way or another, since I was a junior in high school, 46 years ago. During that time I have been awed and inspired by those much more learn…

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            Many of you reading this blog are probably already aware of a new website launched by the Obama reelection campaign called AttackWatch.com. It is a site where people are encouraged to report any so called smears against the President. A lot of people are looking at this as a joke, and…

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As I celebrated Independence Day 2011 an incredibly depressing thought occurred to me; could this be the last time we celebrate the Fourth of July? In 1776 a Declaration of Independence was adopted by our founding fathers that separated us from the tyrannical rule of the British monarchy. Eleven yea…

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