Imagine the following scenario; you live in a country where the universities have been taken over by a particular political party. Professors who don’t religiously follow the party’s philosophy are purged from the university, and students are subjected to continuous party line propaganda. If they fail to follow the party line their grades may suffer or they will be humiliated by their professors and silenced.


          Most of the news media is taken over by the party and instead of reporting the news provide nothing but political propaganda towing the party line. The propaganda is continuing and relentless and any reporters or news outlets that don’t follow the party line suffer from constant attacks. When the news media is controlled what is reported is not necessarily true, but instead is tailored to push the political agenda of the party.


          Freedom of speech is severely restricted or abolished entirely.  Only those who support the party are allowed to speak freely, and then they are carefully monitored to make sure their speech is correct according to party standards. This applies even if the party does not currently control the government because it lays the ground work for the way that it will be when it ultimately controls the nation.


          Freedom of religion must be severely restricted or abolished entirely.  No one should be allowed to worship a power higher than that of the state. All religions, particularly Christianity, should be constantly attacked in order to diminish their influence over the population.


          Due to the possibility of resistance to the party and the government the population should not be allowed to own firearms. This will actually begin with a requirement for all privately owned guns to be registered with the government. That will allow for the ultimate confiscation of all privately owned weapons that could be used to resist government tyranny.


If this all sounds familiar it because this was the playbook used by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party to take control of Germany in the 1930s. The liberals in this county are now following exactly the same playbook in order to bring us to the same disastrous place where the German people ended up, losing their freedom and even identity.   

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I read a comment not long ago that said, “I saw a movie recently where only the police and military were allowed to have weapons. It was called ‘Schindler’s List.’”


Sound familiar?

This sounds like America, today.

I pray Trump will be able to bring some remediation, and I pray God keeps His hedge of protection around Trump.

This great American experiment is in dire danger from the Left, and we MUST rise up to protect it.

God Save America


Sadly this sounds familiar. Seems our America has deteriorated so rapidly. I don't see things turning around. Too many are intentionally trying to destroy the one man who was elected to do that job. Instead of loving this Nation, and doing everything in their power to support our President who loves our America, they only care about their own wealth, greed, power, and hate for President Donald J Trump. Their hate is overpowering what We the People have elected them to do.

So, we will continue to see more and more of our freedoms vanish before the liberals finally have what they want -- socialism, or worse Communism. I wonder how they'll really feel when that happens? It'll be too late then anyway.

Sad for the rest of us Christian Constitutional conservatives.