I have no idea who first came up with the term Obamabots to refer to those mindless progressives in the news media and the general population who come to the defense of Barack Hussein Obama whenever anyone on the right or even the left has the audacity to question his actions. I just know term is totally accurate and reflects the efforts of the left in this country to silence everyone they disagree with.


The problem with Obamabots is that they not only parrot the official party line of the White House, but they often act as the attack dogs for the administration. They are not built to think, but only to react, in fact many of them appear to never have an original thought of their own.

            A good example is one of the most notorious Obamabots in the media, Bob Beckel, who is a very liberal commentator on Fox News. He is featured on the Fox show “The Five” and the group was recently talking about the ads put out by former special operations personnel questioning the leaking of classified information by members of the White House staff. According to the ads these leaks endanger the lives of our men and women in the military and intelligence community, yet appear to have been done in order to try and make Obama look tough to the voters and help him get reelected.

            I’ve watched Bob Beckel and he always says only what the White House wants him to say, even if he knows it is untrue. In fact, I can’t think of a time when Beckel has been guilty of appearing to articulate an original thought. However, in this instance he went too far even for an Obamabot. He said that these American heroes, who have risked their lives to protect the right of free speech, were essentially committing treason by daring to criticize Obama.

            Treason? The definition of treason in the Constitution is specific: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” That is exactly what the people in the White House are doing when they leak classified information, they are providing aid and comfort to our enemies. Yet, according to Bob Beckel the act of criticizing the President for the actions of the White House staff  that he appointed and controls are treasonous. Really?

             It is time for Obama and his Bob Beckel androids to understand that the members of the Intelligence Community and the military take an oath of office to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” We have not taken an oath to defend any individual, particularly if that person is violating his or her own oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution.

            Unfortunately, they will not understand because they are programmed to go on the attack against anyone who dares to question the imperial Presidency. They are essentially the product of a high quality brain washing campaign conducted in the public schools, universities, and in the mainstream media. It has been going on for years. and is now producing the desired results. We are becoming a nation of Drones being trained to live in Obama’s “Brave New World”.

            I am reminded of a television debate I was involved in many years ago during the Vietnam War. I was in school at LSU and was the State Chairman of the Young Americans cor Freedom, a campus conservative group. I was a supporter of the concept of Victory in Vietnam, and was invited by a local television station to debate a young woman from a prominent anti-war group. During the debate she was parroting the standard arguments against the war and “American Imperialism” that she had been drilled to repeat without thought.

            As a result, she kept making inaccurate statements about the war in Vietnam and American involvement. This included errors about the basic history of the region. I kept correcting her and finally she snapped at me that I was unfairly confusing her with the facts. There was stunned silence for a moment, because no one thought they would ever hear this cliché actually stated. Then the entire production crew broke into laughter.

            This incident speaks volumes about the roots of the Obamabots. They refuse to acknowledge the truth even when it slaps them in the face. Their response to a message that contradicts their blind allegiance is met with an effort to destroy the messenger. These are the people who want to reelect Obama, control our country, and take away our freedom. They must be defeated.

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