I have reviewed the Immigration reform bill, S744, passed overwhelmingly by the United States Senate and it is a disaster. It is lengthy and confusing and in many ways reminds me of the final version of Obamacare that was passed by members of Congress who did not read it and had no idea what was in it. There is no mistaking that this is an amnesty bill. It provides a pathway to citizenship for individuals who are already on record as being willing to break our laws.

          According to those supporting the legislation there are only eleven or twelve million of these illegal aliens (I refuse to use the politically correct term “undocumented workers”). However, if the law passes these illegals will be entitled to include their family members in the deal bringing the total to around thirty million. The law will also increase the number of legal immigrants allowed into this country from 1 million 1.5 million. This will happen when millions of American citizens are either unemployed or under employed.

          This legislation will also be extraordinarily expensive for the already suffering American citizens. The burden of providing services and benefits for these individuals will primarily fall on state and local governments creating obligations they can’t afford to meet unless they increase taxes, reduce essential services to their residents, or a combination of both.

          By the way, if you or I use forged or fraudulent documents or a stolen social security number we will be prosecuted and possibly go to jail. Under the provisions of S744 illegals who have committed these crimes can apply for and get a free pass.

          Of course, the public is being told that one of the top priorities of the bill is border security. However, shades of Obamacare, there is a problem. The job of securing the border is left entirely in the hands of Obama and Janet Napolitano. They are given complete authority under the law to do anything they want or to continue doing virtually nothing at all. The DHS Secretary has left our border wide open to illegal aliens, drug traffickers, and terrorists, while assuring us that the border is better protected than ever before. S744 allows her to continue this pattern.

          Make no mistake; this legislation is not about border security or even helping the so called poor oppressed illegals who just want to live the American dream. It is ultimately about adding millions of new Democratic voters to the rolls and turning red states like Texas and Arizona into blue states.

          The Republicans in Congress who support this legislation seem to be under the illusion that many of the voters who went for Obama in 2008 and 2012 will be so grateful for the passage of this amnesty bill that they will rush to embrace Republican candidates at the polls in 2014 and thereafter. I understand that many of these same Republicans have purchased shares in the Brooklyn Bridge and beachfront property in the Florida everglades.

          After what happened in the Senate we cannot take anything for granted in the House. Everyone must contact their representatives and insist that S744 be voted down. Cosmetic amendments will not be enough. Passage of this legislation will be much more than just another jewel in Obama’s weighty crown, it will mean the end of the USA as we know it.

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What exactly do YOU propose to resolve the issue of millions of undocumented workers? How about STIFF penalties for the companies which hire them?

Thank you for the overview of this bill. It reflects poorly on the GOP Senators who bought into it. Our fair system of representative government has been undermined and corrupted through perverse incentives granted to desparate men (aka politicians). Amazing that John McCain, who represents a borderstate that is already suffering from No-Go zones, voted yea.
There is another flaw in this bill. While everybody looks at Mexican illegal aliens, it is estimated that 10% of those crossing our southern border are OTM (Other Than Mexican). In addition there are many Islamists who come legally on student visas and overstay illegally.
The added covert danger of this bill is the promotion of civilization jihad, by granting Islamist infiltrators/sleepers legal status. The Hezbollah sleeper cells, Czechnian students and even the Occupant of the Oval Office (who is a citizen of Indonesia) now granted legal status and a pathway to citizenship.
The humanitarian crisis arising out of Syria and soon to emerge from subsequent failed states of the Arab Spring (Egypt, Libya, etc.) will be used by this administration as a pretext to settle millions of 'refugees' in the United States. According to Avi Lipkin, we are being colonized. Saudi petrodollars are being repatriated in the building of megamosques and ghost cities, where there are very few Moslems. These will be homes for arriving civilization jihadist colonists arriving from the Middle East.