February 9, 2012


               In my last article, “The State of the Constitution” I talked about how President Obama and his supporters in Congress and the federal judiciary are systematically destroying the delicate balance of powers that was set up by our founding fathers. Obama is forming the type of government that the framers of the Constitution feared, and had fought against, so they designed the Constitution to prevent that from happening. The scope and power of the Federal government was to be severely limited with most of the power remaining in the hands of the states and the people. That is no longer the case.

               Barack Obama and the other elitists in Washington consider themselves superior beings that have not only the right, but the duty to control the rest of us. We are no longer considered free citizens of the United States, but subjects who must be taught to obey our rulers. As subjects we have no inherent rights, only those rights granted to us by the elitists, who in their infinite wisdom have the power and authority to limit or abolish those rights as they see fit. Unfortunately, while many Americans are blissfully unaware of it that is exactly what is happening.

               The Bill of Rights that was designed to protect the God given rights of American citizens from intrusion by the Federal government and it is being shredded by the Obama administration.  Every one of the first ten amendments to the Constitution is under assault with the First and Second amendments being among the prime targets. The current attack on the freedom of religion is a prime example.

               In August of 2009 when I started this blog by writing my first article on HR 3200, the original version of Obamacare, I made the following observations:  “The law does provide for rationing of health care, particularly where senior citizens and other classes of citizens are involved, free health care for illegal immigrants, free abortion services, and probably forced participation in abortions by members of the medical profession.”

               I was immediately attacked by the left for making false claims about what was in the health care bills, yet everything I stated is taking place. Catholic Bishops around the country were convinced to support Obamacare because they were assured that there would be no abortions paid for by the government, and no religious institutions or individuals would be forced to violate their religious beliefs. Now, these same Bishops are up in arms because they have learned that they were lied to. Through the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, the Obama administration has informed Catholic hospitals, universities and other religious institutions that they must provide health insurance coverage to employees that will have to include contraceptive devises and abortion inducing medication with no co-pay.

               This directly contradicts the teachings of the Catholic religion. Whether you agree with their position or not, the forcing of this on the Church is a direct violation of freedom of religion as guaranteed under the First Amendment of the Constitution. It is clearly only the first step. The next order will be to force Catholic hospitals, doctors, and nurses to provide abortions. Ironically, the health care bill itself does not contain this mandate. This is being done by Executive action by Obama and it is certainly something he has no authority to do under the Constitution.

               Freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment is also under constant attack. After our victory over the bills pending in the U.S. House and Senate that would have given Obama a virtual “kill switch” allowing him to shut down the Internet, Obama has decided to bypass Congress and sign an international treaty pushed by the United Nations that will give him the same type of control. Of course, any treaty signed by the President must be approved by two thirds of the Senate. However, Obama has reportedly decided to ignore this Constitutional mandate and bypass the Senate. He claims he has the authority to do this under the so-called “Sole Executive Agreement” doctrine. No such doctrine is provided for in the Constitution.

               There are also strong indications that Obama intends to invoke the same unconstitutional power to sign and enforce the U.N. Small Arms treaty. I have read the draft of this treaty and it is directly designed to force the disarmament of American citizens in violation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. The Supreme Court ruled in 1957 that no treaty, even if signed by the President and ratified by the Senate can supersede the rights of U.S. citizens protected by the Constitution. Yet, clearly, Obama intends to ignore the U.S. Senate, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution to impose his will on us. I will state it bluntly, Obama is out of control. He considers himself a dictator.

               I sincerely hope I am premature in declaring the Constitution dead. I will continue to fight for it, but obviously the President of the United States and his minions already consider it dead and buried. Americans must wake up now and take back our country!

I sure pray we have one more chance to turn it around. I look forward to reading "Our Constitution". I will be at the debates in PHX on the 22nd. I'll pass one on to Newt. Thanks for standing in the gap. Still have your son in Prayer also.

There are a lot of great points here, but I’m not sure I agree with real-time search being discarded. I agree that it’s not very relevant, but isn’t the point of it to show what people are currently saying about a topic?

Thank you for taking Obama on by citing how he is trying to destroy and ignore our Constitution.
I just pray that our GOP candidates will tell the citizens what you have factually stated in your opinion. I'm very pleased that someone with your caliber has finally pointed out the UN's Small Arms Treaty that Obama wants to sign so he can disarm the USA.
Keep up the excellent work.

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