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Health Issues 

My apologies to my friends and supporters for my lack of articles on my blog; I have not posted one since January 8 and have stopped doing my radio shows. For the six months following the tornado that devastated our property I spent a lot of time working outdoors and developed what is called cedar fever in Texas. I was having a sore throat, earache and constant congestion. No treatment seemed to work and eventually I lost my voice and my throat is so swollen I can’t eat anything but liquids so I have lost 35 lbs.  

Over the last few weeks I have gone through multiple tests and now a rare tumor has been found in my throat. They will be doing a biopsy, but even if it is benign it will still have to be surgically removed. The doctors seem optimistic, but this is going to a difficult and long process. It will probably be a while before I can start writing and doing shows again, but I wanted everyone to know that I have not given up the fight to protect our constitution.  

Thank you for your support and prayers. 

Michael Connelly 


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