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Health Issues 

My apologies to my friends and supporters for my lack of articles on my blog; I have not posted one since January 8 and have stopped doing my radio shows. For the six months following the tornado that devastated our property I spent a lot of time working outdoors and developed what is called cedar fever in Texas. I was having a sore throat, earache and constant congestion. No treatment seemed to work and eventually I lost my voice and my throat is so swollen I can’t eat anything but liquids so I have lost 35 lbs.  

Over the last few weeks I have gone through multiple tests and now a rare tumor has been found in my throat. They will be doing a biopsy, but even if it is benign it will still have to be surgically removed. The doctors seem optimistic, but this is going to a difficult and long process. It will probably be a while before I can start writing and doing shows again, but I wanted everyone to know that I have not given up the fight to protect our constitution.  

Thank you for your support and prayers. 

Michael Connelly 


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So sorry to hear of your medical problem. I'm a retired R.N. and have never heard of cedar fever before, but there are a lot of things I've not heard of before :-) I am thankful that the cause of your continued problem was found and will be praying for God to guide the surgeon's hands, to be with the anesthesiologist, as well as the nurses caring for you, a good report and rapid recovery. Be sure to follow the doctor's orders and don't try to do anything before he clears you. You're posts will be missed, and will be looking forward to your next post. May God surround you and your family with His peace, as only He can.
Ann Odom


Michael --

So sorry to hear the news. You are in our prayers.

You know where to find me, and if there is anything I can do to help, please call.

Warm Regards,



Get well. Heal yourself... and be damn sure only the BEST surgical hands and team touch you.

Prayers for you!


Dear Michael,

I am so sorry that you are having so much trouble, a tornado was plenty tough on you. Now a tumor. I was just diagnosed with prostate cancer, a moderate middle of the road variety, but it doesn't bother my voice and should be easily done away with radiation, but I am 72 so what else is new. I'm old and male, it goes with the territory.. I pray that the surgery doesn't bother your voice and that you come out of this just as strong as you were before.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.



Michael, God bless you.


You will prevail.



Get Well!

Prayers & thoughts are with you. Thanks for what you've been doing for the Constitution.



Very sorry to hear about your health and hope you will get good treatment and will be fine soon. Will keep you in my prayers.
Your neighbor when you lived in Bandera, Jill.


Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for all you have done. I will keep you in my prayers for a full recovery. I look forward to hearing more from you.
May the Lord bless and keep you!!

Kenny Chartier