On January 24, 2014 I attended a meeting of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. The group is run by former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack who led the charge to keep the Constitution and particularly the Tenth Amendment alive. He and a handful of other Constitutional Sheriffs sued the Clinton administration because it was trying to force them to violate their oath of office by enforcing provisions of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act.

          Sheriff Mack objected to this because he believed that the act was unconstitutional and that the Federal government was not empowered to force local law enforcement officials to enforce Federal laws. The United States Supreme Court ultimately agreed with him in a landmark decision in the case Mack/Printz v USA.

          Now, a growing number of like-minded Sheriffs and Peace officers have joined together to defend their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. They have drawn a line in the and by saying that they will not enforce or allow any laws to be enforced in their jurisdictions that violate the constitutional rights of the Americans they serve.          

          I had the honor of being present when this group of heroes drew up and signed a historic document setting forth there dedication to freedom. Here is a link to that resolution: http://cspoa.org/cspoa-jan-2014-resolution/ 

          The document speaks for itself and I believe hundreds of law enforcement and other public officials will come forward to add their names to it. However, it will take courage because there have already been attempts at both the Federal government and some state governments to intimidate members of the CSPOA. At the United States Justice Foundation (www.usjf.net) we will do our part to defend these brave Americans who are stepping up to the plate for us and our Constitution.

          I encourage everyone to send a copy of this document to your local sheriff and other law enforcement officials and urge them to sign it and join the CSPOA. This group may represent our last line of defense against tyranny.

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These great action takers deserve all the backing of the public that can be mustered. The reason for all these flare ups of violence with guns are the "medications" given to people for their various mental states, many brought on initially by corrupted nutrition and economic conditions. Today the commercials for bigpharma even call acid reflux, a disease ! What garbage. What we call miracles are coming more into play, among those who will increasingly move to protect eachother. Ultimately, while a gun may be needed for food or self defence, I was very suprised as a veteran, to discover a few people will actually have a spiritual condition...get this, using merely a pointed finger and the person is stopped in their tracks. Or, to translate from one place to another. This is how it will be in the last days. This is angelic protection very few have so far.


Cindy, Re “creeping tyranny”; Yes on all fronts. With the multitude of fools we have in the United States of America, millions will probably fall for the following tyranny…
“New government program to help the middle class save for retirement Jan. 29, 2014 - 4:30”;
Run for the hills! The government is here to help you!


Good men are doing everything they can to stand up for the Constitution and hold back the reins of creeping tyranny. We can see, from everyday accounts, the progress being made by those who have no love for this country. It is very disheartening. I support any and all who stand up for the Constitution and America. My blog that I've had for 4 years has been disabled. No explanation given. I have railed against the present administration, for many years. Maybe I ended up on someone's list. We need to continue to stay strong and vigilant.